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Survival Airsoft is hosted in our expansive woodland with full on-site facilities. We have operated since 1988 which means our focus on safety means players of all ages and abilities can get on with the serious business of having fun! We have a variety of woodland playing areas featuring ‘The Village’ with bridges, trenches, barricades and Missile Base so you will have plenty to explore in combat.

Airsoft guns use battery, HPA or gas operated replicas to fire spherical 6mm Bio degradable BB’S projectiles in competition with one another, similar to paintball. However, unlike paintball, these replicas look and feel like the real thing, and they are capable of semi and fully automatic fire! Airsoft is age restricted to those aged 13+ only.

I am new to Airsoft and need to hire an Airsoft gun.
Come along with your group or join in on one of our regular airsoft club days where we play a variety of scenario games! If you need to hire an Airsoft gun we recommend that you book in early. Rental guns include M16, M4, G36c and Air Tippmens. If you do not have your own airsoft gun, you will need to book the gun hire package which includes:

  • hire of an airsoft gun;
  • hire of eye/face protection;
  • hire of camouflage overalls; and
  • 1000 BB’s per person.

I have my own Airsoft Gun and kit.
If you have your own Airsoft gun and kit then you will need to book the ‘without gun hire’ package. Why not book in on one of our Airsoft Club days and experience the adrenaline of combat through our scenario games!

Organising a group activity? Whatever your groups age, experience or fitness level we can provide a series of games to suit your needs and guarantee a fun and memorable time.

  • Site member of UKARA;
  • Freshly laundered fatigues;
  • Experienced, friendly marshals;
  • Access to a practice firing range.
  • BBQ facilities available – just bring your own BBQ coal and food;
  • Undercover picnic areas.

What are Airsoft Club Days?

Airsoft Club Days typically comprise of players with their own guns and kit but we also have all the kit you need for hire too! Our club days offer scenario combat games and skirmishes on larger field boundaries within our expansive woodland featuring a village with bridges, a missile base as well as many trenches and barricades so you will have plenty to explore in combat. Please note: bookings can be made up until midnight the night before club day. We welcome anyone on the day who hasn’t booked online as a ‘walk-on’ but it will cost £5 extra per person on the day.

     Airsoft Club days 2024:

    • 14th January
    • 28th January
    • 11th February
    • 25th February
    • 10th March
    • 24th March
    • 7th April
    • 21st april
    • 5th May
    • 19th May
    • 2nd June
    • 16th June
    • 30th June
    • 14th July
    • 28th July
    • 11th August
    • 25th August
    • 8th September
    • 22nd September
    • 6th October
    • 20th October
    • 3rd November
    • 17th November
    • 1st December
    • 15th December
    • 29th December


    Prices with Gun Hire:

    Junior (age 13-15) – £37.50pp

    Adult (16+) – £42.50pp

    Prices without Gun Hire:

    Junior (age 13-15) – £22.50pp

    Adult (16+) – £27.50pp